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Der friulanische Ausnahmegeiger Giulio Venier und der gefühlvolle Michele Pucci vereinen die virtuose Violine mit der faszinierenden Flamenco Gitarre. Von traditionell überlieferten Volksweisen bis hin zu jazzigen und rockigen Kompositionen kreieren sie ihren ganz eigenen Stil, der weit über die Grenzen Italiens hinausgeht. Und im Mittelpunkt steht immer die Poesie der Musik.


Geniessen Sie zwei der herausragendsten Musiker Friauls, und dazu – wie immer – exzellenten Wein und kulinarische Köstlichkeiten.



PucciVenier Duo The Michele Pucci and Giulio Venier's Duo was born in 1999 and within a few years it is reported on Italian folk scene as one of the most interesting musical offerings in recent years, combining the charm of both the flamenco guitar and the fiddle in continuous suggestions where melodic virtuosity and tradition go hand in hand, creating acompletely original sound.


The duo's repertoire begins with a reworking of the musical tradition of Friuli-Venezia Giulia (the northeastern region of Italy), and sweeps up to the sounds of central and northern Europe, all embellished with constant references to the Andalusian music.


In their discography there are two studio records, "Doismiao" (2000) and Liacht - Luce - 2002, with best Austrian folk group Aniada a Noar, but it is on live concerts that the duo give its best, so the most beautiful work is "Bootleg" (2002), recorded in two churches at Galleriano (UD) and Pinerolo (TO) and produced by Folkest Discs. Compared to studio records, in Bootleg we appreciate all-round quality and instrumental eclecticism of Pucci and Venier, in fact, if the first is an excellent guitarist, the second is not far behind with the violin, and as to musical invention unlikely it exists in Italy a musician able to compete with him. Their music is not at all a display of technical qualities without sense but rather is poetry in music, leading them to explore musical territories that go far beyond the borders of their country. Waiting to hear their next album, we can only enjoy the most this record, one of the best examples of great acoustic instrumental music made in Italy.



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